Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Having Fun Teaching Math by playing student

Review is into full swing now, and I'm throwing the reins over to the students... Except for a couple of requests, I'm not doing much video-ing, but I'm getting the kids in groups based on topics of difficulty, and then having them teach each other, and then pick an example to teach the class.

The main thing that I am learning from this (slowly,... oh so slowly), is to shut up and watch. When you're not in charge, and the kids are focused, a math class can be a pretty fun place.

Then I think about how boring my teaching videos are. Yes, they need to be to the point, all business, especially if I keep to my 5-minute rule (incidentally, the idea of "hiding" a question or piece of information in the video seems like a good way to be able to check up on them and keep their interest).


If there's one thing I've learned about teaching, that I've got to incorporate in my videos... I gotta have fun with it, otherwise they won't have fun. So what can I do... free thinking ahead -->

Say random words while teaching, do questions in reverse (hey, they can play with the video), take it out doors (check out Chychochycho on YouTube), have guest lecturers, try it without a board, teach in French, have it written out and erase backwards and then show in reverse and voice over, do voice overs in a different pitch, use manipulatives, tailor the style of lesson to the topic (triangular board for teaching Pythag, scrabble tiles for algebra)...

And I suppose I should get rid of the linear thinking. If I get an idea for teaching something with a bit of a twist, why wait 'till that topic comes along, dive in now, and put it in the freezer for later... Hey, refrigerator mathematics!? Gotta be an idea there somewhere.

I wonder how many people read their own blogs?


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